Mobile and Device Care

Caring is most important thing in today’s life. If we don’t take care devices are not able to maintain themselves. And one need to take care as a baby.

Personal Care- Protecting device with screen guard

Buying back covers, metal covers

Need to clean every time with wet wipes to ensure device is free from dust and fingerprints.

Software Care- Adding lots of antivirus, malware protection apps, antivirus software, battery savers etc. Bloatware apps for protection.

But instead of protection these apps slows down our system performance.

Some top brand phones also add custom UI (User Interface) to attract customers but they too make devices slow. To be save and to maintain device from being damaged soon we must avoid fake and non usefull softwares. And regularly keep on updating apps and device from secure and trusted sources.

Cleaning junk data is good but clearing cache will definitely slow your app performance and it will only boost click. But for this installing app is not good.

Must regularly clean unwanted apps, photos, videos etc. to manage memory. Or to save them for life, upload to drive or cloud storages.

In case of low RAM, must clean background processes or stop apps which run in background but are useless.

Heating of devices is general problem but overheating must be avoided. If device gets heated more then normal then device must be shut down or restarted to make it cool. And avoid using in low network areas as to get network device force battery for power and results in heating up of device.

To keep healthy working of device, restart devices on regular bases; minimum one’s a week or according to use.

Do off unwanted sevices or off services after use. Example: Bluetooth, WI-FI, Data, Hotspot, GPS, etc. to get extra battery life.

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