Network and Types

Nowadays we are completely in the world of world wide web and in network systems but when someone ask what is internet or intranet we get confused.

So to know this first we need to understand network, it is the connection between two or more devices by any means.

There are mainly two types of network system as Wired and Wireless.

Wired network systems are mostly seen in Offices, Workplace, Hospitals, etc. To form these we use LAN(Local Area Network), MAN(Metropolitan Area Network), WAN(Wide Area Network), PAN(Private Area Network), etc.

And for wireless we have Infra-red, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LiFi, NFC, etc.

And through this we form Internet or Intranet. Internet is intercommunication between worldwide net i.e. networks of network having multiple intranetworks together. The shared or public of Intranet is Internet

And Intranet is the network of School, College, Institution, Office etc. all their personal, private, or public data is together known as Intranet. When data gets public is known as Internet.

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