Hex Color Codes

While using any Adobe software or other softwares related to designing has color palette and you might have noticed some # and 6 digit/alphabetic code following code.

But what does this codes mean? Or they are just representation?

Hex codes are very important in understanding colors but before that we need to know what are those values.

They are codes belonging to hexadecimal system i.e. they have base 16. And numbers from 0 to 9 and characters for remaing 6 are A to F (A=10, B=11…..F=15).

Secondly, hex codes are 6 digit/character codes comprising RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color channel.

And for each color 2 digit/character are used giving total of 6 codes.

For example: if we write code as #ff0000 means Red color as RGB has R belongs to Red and comes first while #00ff00 for green and #0000ff for blue. #000000 is for black while #ffffff for white.

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