Photo to Video or Gif

Do you wish to have moving objects in your image but don’t want to work with heavy software’s like After Effects or Premiere Pro or even with Final Cut Pro then here is good and right tutorial for you.

  1. Select / Capture similar photo (for practice get same photo below)

2. Get the files of videos and Music I have used from given links below:

3. After getting all arrange all files as you want and to remove black color from video use Blendif from Blending Options. (for more search for Blendif above).

4. Go to window -> Timeline and Select Video timeline and arrange all clips and check weather they are arranged correctly or not by clicking spacebar.

5. Goto File-> Export -> Render Video for video output and click render it may take longer then you think so be calm and patient

or Select File-> Save as -> Select gif as file extension (for Photoshop version older then 2020 File-> Export -> Save for Web (Legacy) and select gif and save)

Fast Version for Demo

YouTube Video

My working File

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