Armyman’s Family Life

Bhavin Paleja presents Armyman’s Family Life We are all stay safe but the one who is on Border is always ready for fighting for us. But there is always tension and crucial situations at homes of Armyman’s Family. In this video we are presenting two country face same conditions and how they prepare themselves and still they give there children’s for their countries.

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Directed By

Bhavin Paleja

Written By

Bhavin Paleja

Supporting Director

Pratik Bapat

Screenplay Writer

Bhavin Paleja

Pratik Bapat


Abhishek Bhore

Aniruddha Patil

Also Featuring

Pradnya Londhe

Parshwa Chipre

Rutuja Patil

Bhavin Paleja

Snehal Patole

Swaroop Koli

Nandini Parit

Pritam More


Pratik Bapat

Sound & Edited by

Bhavin Paleja

Poems By

Pratik Bapat

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