ID Creation

Design ID’s, Invitation Cards or any card design having some field which need to be changed for persons then you must need to follow this to make it successful.

For making this, we will be using only Photoshop and Excel for record and nothing else or no plugins required.

So let’s start to make field style data’s:

  1. Create an Excel spreadsheet as given below or you can re-edit this.
  2. Save Excel spreadsheet as XLS or xlsx format and re-save or export as TXT mostly tab delimited type.
  3. Create a design of ID as given below.
  4. The fields which needed to be changed must be separately written by text tool and for images use basic shapes as shown in sample psd file.
  5. Now go to image and select variables and define those variables which you want to replace.
  6. Then, go to import and select variable data set and select your TXT file which we have created earlier.
  7. Then go to export and select data set as file and give any location where you want to save all IDs.
  8. All done. Now your ID’s are ready.
  9. If you want ready action then click here. And steps are as follows:

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