Working of Devices

We all use Mobiles, Tablet, Computers, Laptops, etc. but have you ever thought how Devices actually work.

If you open any device there are lots of parts connected to each other and for circuit. And all are connected to board which is known as Motherboard. And devices need power which is generally provided by SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply); maintains AC/DC current coming from electric service provider.

When we power on the current flows through wire and reaches to SMPS. And from there it goes to Motherboard and Harddisk (Optional).

Through Motherboard current is received to RAM and Processor. And then goes to every part.

RAM gets data from ROM, Harddisk, and with Processor the system gets started. This process is known as Cold booting. And when we restart device in between working or when devices gets hang is known as warm booting.

The above diagram shows working of devices. Basically devices has Input->Process->Output.

But if we think in detail we find, when User enters Data via any Input Device the data flows into system towards Processor to check what kind of work is requested. Processor checks whether the entered Data is to be processed or to be saved in systems. If Data needs to be processed then there will be an desired Output for User but if Data entered need to be saved then system need to generate message for User saying Data entered is saved successful. After both kind of Process system need to generate Output through Output devices and thus we get information of our data.

In case of System software and Application software system we get extra steps shown in below diagram.

When User enters Data that goes to Application software and from there it goes to hardware i.e. for Processing and returns back through System Software towards user with information.

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