Why to use Computers / Devices (Smartphones, Tablets, etc.)?

Nowadays due to increasing technology, there are lots of devices available in market. But due to lack of knowledge we are unable to differentiate between those devices.

So to solve this we will be looking some points to know devices better.

The main moto to use devices is they provide SPEED which is much faster than any human. For example, if anyone ask any mathematical problem the time taken by human and device varies as human need to perform stepwise calculation but devices has algorithmic calculation through binary number systems and they generate any complex calculation within few seconds.

Next main drawback of humans is their ACCURACY. Humans always fail in accuracy; their main cause is divided concentration towards many works. But devices work one task at a time and keep others in ongoing list but nowadays we find device which perform multitasking.

The next advantage of any device is their STORAGE CAPACITY. Devices store data in sequences so you get entire data but has limited amount of storage( in bytes). On other hand humans doesn’t have storage like devices we store our data in form of memories and requires repetation to keep that memory or we forget.

The best advantage of using machine is they never have DILIGENCE. Humans get bored, lose concentration, etc. But devices never get bored they lack property of boring and so we need devices. Humans cannot repeat same action multiple times with same accuracy but device can.

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