What’s new in Photoshop 2019

There are lots of new changes in new version of Photoshop 2019.

  1. Frame tool- Now easily insert picture in frames.
  2. Content Aware fill- provide exact area to content aware tool to make perfect cleans.
  3. Change in Shortcuts-

Ctrl+Z does Undo and Ctrl+Alt+Z to go one step back and forth

For scaling now there is no need of holding Shift but now by holding Shift you can transform object.

  1. Lock Workspace-

This prevents from accidental changes in workspace.

You can lock by going Window-> Workspace->Lock Workspace

  1. Preview Blend Modes by just hovering over it.

  2. Symmetry Mode-

You can easily make symmetry from 2 to poly. This option can be found in brushes (new Butterfly icon).

  1. Color Wheel for finding complementary colors.

  2. Home button

  3. Mathematics in fields

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