What is really 3D?

We are are aware of 2D as we all study in schools. 2D means 2 Dimensions or commonly known as coordinate i.e. X & Y axis.


And 3D as X, Y & Z axis. But when we see 3D movie we don’t find any axis but we just wear a glass and are able to see 3D.

Then what exactly is 3D?

3D is when any object has Dimensions which are created by lights. As, if someone is in room which has no lights, closed windows and closed door then he will not be able to see. But when we provide light then he is able to see but light adds color to objects(white color commonly we call highlights) and due to light there is dark region due to objects against light regions(black color or shadows) and this phenomena is known as Three Dimensions. For creating 3D cinema we only play with Red color channel and I have dedicated video for creating real 3D from any 2D video to watch click below:


Is there anything beyond 3D? In malls and cinema houses they show shows having 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, etc. So what are they. They are only feeling but not any Dimensions.

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