VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Nowadays everyone needs to see things, visit sites, browse pages which are actually blocked in perticular region / in society / by Government, etc. for benefits of people living there.

But lots of people are able to view by using VPN. There are few free providers and some are paid. And also available for Computers and mobiles.

Few VPNs are completely Private and some keep all your data and may take some data from your devices such as Contacts, Website, etc.

Internet connection in routed out through ISP (internet service provider) and then via your chosen VPN server to the final destination, typically a website. The website thinks that the original request comes from the VPN server and not your computer, so this is how it can appear that you’re located, say, in America or Singapore when you’re actually sitting in India or London.

VPN service is good when we are using public network or open connections and to stay safe from attack of hackers while using Social networking sites or e-commerce website or banking.

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