Everyone have heard the word CPU which is main part of every system. But what does they do? Why we need them? Which brand is good? Which version should I need? etc. are lots of problems might be facing.

Today we will be solving all such problems. When we see Computers there are mainly two brand in processor 1. Intel and 2. AMD.

You might have heard if your budget is low and need good performance then go with AMD or if you are rich then go for Intel. But why people say this? Because when we see AMD processors they are cheap, and has less stable, generally designed for Basic use. On other hand Intel designs high powered, more cores, high performance processors.

But that’s not case if you want to buy any machine you need to know why I need this Computer. And according to use select brand as for general use go for AMD much better then Intel. But if you want to work with graphics such as high end gaming, Video Editing, 3D Modelling, etc. then go with Intel.

There are many versions in Intel as I3, I5, I7 and latest I9 processors. What is difference in this? They are all same but the core which they have are different; as number of version increase we find more cores.

But what are cores, cores are simply understand by example if one worker digs a hole he needs an hour but on other hand if 4 workers work they can work in 25%of above required time i.e. within 15 mins. Thus workers are cores in processors, more the core, results more faster work.

And what are generation, which one should we buy? This too depends on speed and performance. The greater generation, more better performance.

There is similar case in mobile devices between two companies 1. Snapdragon and 2. Mediatek.

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