Every human has memory and that never gets full. But we need to repeat task to memories something or that data will be lost.

But on other hand, computer memory is permanent but it need to be replaced when it gets full.

There are mainly two types of memories:

1. Primary memory-

This is the main memory of any device.

There are mainly 3 types of primary memories as:



C. Cache

2. Secondary memory-

As name suggests this memory is not mainly required by any device but these are our needs for saving documents, photos, video, games, software, etc.

Hard Disk Drive(HDD): 40MBs to 10TBs

Floppy Disk Drive(FDD): 1.22MBs to 1.44MBs

Universal Serial Bus(USB): 256MBs to 2TBs

Compact Disc (CD): 700MBs

Digital Versatile Disc(DVD): 4.7GBs to 17.04GBs

Magnetic Tapes: 800 to 1600 bits per inch

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