Making Realistic Color skin from Black and White in Photoshop

Make Realistic Colors to skin from any black and white photo in just 10 -15 mins. This technique need basic knowledge of adjustment layers, brush tool and masking technique.

First make your black and white photo pops up so adjust the shadows and highlights of your photo. Next search another photo with similar type of lighting and colors you want. And make samples of skin tone of you can get skin tones from  internet.

Then add a gradient map adjustment layer and change its colors as skin colors. Left corner color to be darker(Shadows Color) and lightest tone(Highlights Color) towards right in gradient. And apply layer mask to this layer and apply only to skin. If needed then make adjustments in Gradient Map.

For Clothes use Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer and check colorize. Then adjust your favorite color for clothes and add layer mask and apply only to clothes.

Lastly to boost color of veins of skin make red brush strokes on regions of veins with 5-10 flow and then set blend mode to saturation and opacity and flow to around 50-70%.

Done you have successfully made Black and White photo Pop into Color.

Click here to get Project File/Photos.

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