Joker Movie Character Look

Are you thinking to make Joker movie character look for your image but don’t get how to start in Photoshop, then, you are on right place. Just follow the below steps and you will have Joker character.
So before starting with editing let’s talk about photography. To get perfect look you need to click your image with wearing shirt and coat of any color.
So now you might have photo then let’s get to editing.

  1. Let’s duplicate imge with CTRL+J.
  2. Now add vibrance adjustment layer and reduce vibrance and make Desaturated. And with layer mask adjust only for Joker face.
  3. Add Exposure adjustment layer and make face area to white and then copy vibrance adjustment layer mask to exposure adjustment layer mask by pressing ALT key and drag.
  4. Add hue and saturation adjustment layer and select colorize and then make dark red by adjusting hue to red saturation to right end and lightness to left. And with layer mask make Joker face smile and eyebrows.
  5. Again with hue and saturation adjustment layer make blue color and paint near eyes to make triangle design and one more hue and saturation adjustment layer make green for hairs and set them.
  6. Same for clothes make 3 more hue and saturation adjustment layer and paint as red for coat yellow and green for shirt. Look Joker image above for reference.

Thus, we are good to go with Joker Movie Character Look.


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