Everything about Photoshop in Just One Hour | Photoshop Tutorial English Version with 18 language Subtitles

Learn Photo Editing using Photoshop in 1 Hour. All required tools and options are covered so you can work anytime you want. Video Contains All Tools, Filters, Adjustments, Color Grading, Repairing, Retouching & many more. If want to skip to parts then use time codes available below.

Time Codes:

0:00 My Intro

0:11 Photoshop Loading

0:30 photoshop Home Screen

0:40 New Document

2:23 Open Image & Photoshop Overview

3:50 Keyboard Shortcuts

5:00 Filters

19:30 Photoshop Inbuilt Demos

20:30 Photoshop Tools

51:00 Adjustments/Color Grading & Perfect Selection

58:20 My Outro

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