Childhood Stories: All in 1

‘You all have heard stories in your childhood but in this Drama we have mixed and merged all stories you heard in your childhood from “चल रे भोपदा ते लांडगा आला रे पर्यंत”. Enjoy this lovely drama in new form.

Directed By

Bhavin Paleja

Written By

Bhavin Paleja

Screenplay Writer

Bhavin Paleja


Abhishek Bhore, Aniruddha Patil, Pradnya Londhe, Priyanka Randive, Rutuja Patil, Bhavin Paleja, Snehal Patole, Swaroop Koli, Nandini Parit, Pritam More

Sound & Edited by

Bhavin Paleja

#Childhood #Stories by #Bhavin #Paleja

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