Pencil Sketch Effect using Photoshop

Create a pencil sketch effect in Photoshop: That’s it! You now have a pencil sketch effect in Photoshop. You can adjust the settings and layers to achieve different results and experiment with other filters as well. Time Codes: 0:00 My Intro 0:09 Today’s Video 0:17 Pencil Sketch Effect 1:21 Can You Do this 1:35 My […]

Photoshop Tools: Lasso Tool

This is third tool in Photoshop and most likely it is used to make out basic Selections such as Lasso Tool, Polygonal Lasso & Magnetic Lasso Tool. I have tried to show you secrets of copying and techniques which professionals use. Please do Like, Share, Comment and don’t forget to Subscribe. And also to never […]

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